Finding Mexican Facilitators part 1

Finding facilitators for my ALC has been surprisingly easy. I think it´s because I really know what I want and what I´m looking for in a grown-up who´s dealing with children and teens.

My scanner looks for people who are genuine and authentic and who connect on a soul-to-soul level with young human beings. That´s the main thing,

But I also wanted to attract persons who are:

  • Emotionally mature
  • Sensitive
  • Conscious
  • Natural leaders
  • Teamplayers
  • And that have a willlingness to learn, grow and expand

It´s not always easy to find all of that in the same person, but when I decided I´d open up an ALC I already had three persons on my mind, and the forth showed up by himself.

The first one I thought of was Layo, who´s been doing the gardening and maintenance at my old school for several years. Layo is 21 years old and has a daughter of five and a one year old son, and he´s like this incredible children´s magnet. Kids just loooove him! I´ve watched him for years, working in the garden naturally attending the kids as they automatically turn to him to get help with anything from building a hut to repair a broken sword.

I always wanted Layo to be part of the teaching team, but I was stopped by both teachers and parents who told me he didn´t have “the level”.  Which only proved to me they didn´t know what they were talking about. Fine. I couldn´t hire him then, but I can now and so I have.

I talked to Layo in April, telling him about Explora and what kind of a project it was going to be. I said I wanted to offer him a position as a facilitator and that I was personally going to train him.

Where I live, persons like Layo hardly ever get an opportuntiy to raise above themselves and get any further than gardening or maintenance, because the economy is very basic down here. The idea of giving him the chance to become a facilitator was therefore very appealing to me, and Layo didn´t even think about it twice: I´m in, was his very quick answer. He wants to learn and grow, and he knows opportunities like this doesn´t come by every day, so to him it was a really easy decision.

The second person I thought of was Alberto, my son´s father. Alberto is a visual artist who´s been teaching art for more than two decades. He´s the kindest and most loving person, super playful and kids adore him.

It wasn´t an easy choice, because after all he´s my ex and I was wondering if it was a really good idea for us to work together. We talked and talked. And talked some more. Then we decided we´d do it. The main focus we have in common is always Teo, our son. And after having considered everyting there is to consider, we both agreed it´d be best for our Aspie to have both parents involved in Explora. Since feeling safe around other adults and children is always an issue to him, we think this is the best we can do to create a healthy environment for him.

Both Layo and Alberto will receive salaries for their work.

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