I can feel it boiling underneath the surface

So, I decided to postpone the start of my ALC one week and give myself some more time to fix all that needs to be ready. I mean, the most important is there: the structure, my team of facilitators, my ALF-training, the marketing materials, great support – but there´s still plenty of stuff that needs to be done before I can let the kids in.

I started by gathering a small but supportive group of women in order to share the project with them, and tell them what I needed help with. They absolutely loved the idea of Explora, and were so impressed with what I´ve accomplished so far – (also because the meeting was held at the facilities and that, my friends, is a place I´m very proud of!).

I know they will all contribute in some way, even though I don´t yet know how it will play out.

Then I had a Very Important Meeting with the owner of the local radio channel. I obviously wanted an interview (which is now programmed for the 31st of August), but he unexpectedly offered me promotion time: – I know you can´t afford it, he said, but how about you receiving 2-3 of my employees´kids for free as an interchange. How could I say no to that?!

And then I launched my secret desire: – I´ve been thinking, I said. Most families don´t know much about childraising and education, and I consider myself an expert on both themes. Wouldn´t you be interested in letting me have a weekly radio show with the goal to support parents and teach them things they might need?

– You mean, as a service for the community? he asked.

– Yes, something like that, I answered. I can talk around different themes and they could call in and have their questions answered.

– I really like that idea, said the director of the only radio station in Puerto Escondido, and promised we´d explore the possibility further when I got back for the interview.

It´s like: TADAAAAA!!! I´ve been thinking about this possisbility for quite some time now. I feel that I really want to position myself as The Expert on these themes, where I live. I know I already am, but I want people to know about it too. Being Scandinavian I was raised with the idea that it´s really presomptuous to think that I could do something better than someone else, so it completely clashes with my cultural upbringing. But honestly, I don´t care. I no longer live in Sweden and I´ve come to love stepping out of my comfort zone.

So, this is what I´ve achieved this week. On one hand, I still don´t have any physical evidence of the energy moving around Explora. No enrolled kids, no furniture or materials. But I can feel it boiling underneath the surface, like as if it´s mysteriously all coming together. I mean my own radio show! How could it get any better than that?


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