Creating alliances

This week I had scheduled meetings with the two school directors that I find most accessible here in Puerto Escondido. One runs a highly traditional preschool and primary school. The other is head of the christian school.

I had already met up with them in February to share my project with them. I wanted to test the idea and see how they´d react. Both were positive and said they´d be interested in supporting Explora through sharing posters and flyers with their families when it was time.

The christian director is a really nice guy. He´s quite advanced in his pedagogical thinking, and totally gets the idea of the importance of free, unsupervised play. The school he runs is very traditional, but he can´t do much about it because the foundation that´s behind the school want it to operate in a certain way.

The first time I told him about Explora, he got completely excited about the idea, and I got the same result this time. He gets the intention and the concept, and not only will he visit the facilites this coming week in order to really be able to speak about the project with the parents. He´s also more than interested in sharing my sponsorship program with his chrisitian community in the States. The idea is that they can give grants to the kids at his school to complement their education through Explora.

I feel extremely seen and supported by him, and I think it´s the best alliance I could ever had made. He has more than 100 students at his primary, and I´m thinking that if a fifth of them would enroll in Explora, that would be incredible.

The other director is very nice and open, but not a visionary when it comes to education. It´s still alright because she also sees that there are very few options for kids in the afternoons here in Puerto. She also took some posters and flyers and I know she´ll promote Explora with her families, but maybe not with the same zest as the christian director. She also has more than 100 students, and I know several of them would be more than interested in what Explora has to offer.

The cool thing is: everyone seems to think Explora is a terrific idea and are more than willing to share it and spread the words to others. And since I´m not competing with anyone because Explora is a unique concept, it feels really great to be able to create alliances with other directors.

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