Tomorrow it´s for real…

It´s been another of those crazy weeks, where on one hand not much seems to happen because I see few tangible results, but on the other I´ve been crazy busy.

Got interviewed at the local radio station, and have two ten minute long programs that will be recorded this coming Wednesday. If the public likes them, I will have my own slot every Saturday morning.

I´ve also prepared a spot that will run for quite some time in exchange for the employees kids to go to Explora this semester. To me it´s a great opportunity, because I´d never pay for those spots, and having kids coming to Explora will only guarantee more kids finding out about it, asking their parents to please enroll them. It´s a win-win situation however way you want to see it.

Thursday I transported the whiteboards all on my own. Don´t ask me how I managed to carry them all the way inside the facilities – I honestly don´t know! They´re really heavy…

I also have mattrasses and cushions, a huge table for arts and crafts and chairs. The hammocks are coming in this week – donated from friends who have enrolled their kids.

Three siblings have received a sponsor that has committed to supporting them for a year (how cool isn´t that!?), and three other kids are on the waiting list.

I´m a little bit nervous about how many kids will find their way to Explora during this month, because numbers are always numbers. I´m trying not to think too much about it and focus more on spreading the word and pulling in the people. After all it´s a brand new project that is starting up, but it should really help that Puerto Escondido is such a small place. Words spread around fast down here.

So, tomorrow it´s for real. I´m inaugurating Explora, the fruit of seven years of intense school entrepreneurship. I can´t wait to see it happening!


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