Start with WHY

When you create something new, I think it´s vital to be very clear about why you want to do it. That´s basically where you´ve got to start because oterwise you´ll get lost in the process or unconsciously create something that you didn´t intend.

When I started my first school projects, my whys were:

  • To provide my son with a healthy educational option.
  • Let my creation benefit as many other children as possible.
  • Sowing a tiny seed of transformation in this world.

All of it I managed to do, but I also missed some important points that lead me to
1) Having almost no spare time because I was constantly working as a volunteer.
2) Being in a really crappy financial situation for years, since the schools completely took over my working life and I had less and less hours where I could actively make money.
3) Not really enjoying the process or my everyday life.

So, this time I kept the above whys, but I also added on three more: I decided to create Explora in order to also be able to live off my passion (instead of triple working) and at the same time have great fun every day. And I really intend this to include all my co-workers, because if we earn good money for what we do, we´re so much more motivated, and if we have fun, so will the kids. The third and last is to create freedom – for everyone involved.

After only one week of having opened up Explora, it´s obvious that I´m on the track of achieving all of the above.


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