“This is an act of rebellion!”

For the first time in life, I dreamt I had to go back to secondary school. Apparently I had to complete my studies with some grades I had missed in math.

I felt a bit ridiculous when I walked through the door of a classroom full of teens. I didn´t dare telling them my real age, so I said I was 25 – which obviously still was too old for them.

The teacher was a colleague of mine, from the time when I was teaching at a secondary school on a couple of islands in the middle of the lake Mälaren, just 30 minutes outside Stockholm. I knew she was good so I felt at ease.

Then she started showing us these different graphs and curves. And she showed us the amount of homework we would have to do.

I started squirming in my bench. I knew this was just a waste of my time and that I would never ever use that stuff in my real life. As I sat there, I thought about it and came to the conclusion I really didn´t need it: “I´ve already graduated from university, and I know for sure I will never ever use this.”

So I suddenly stood up, raised my arm with my fist clenched and said “This is an act of rebellion!”. And I explained I refused to do any of the exercises, that I knew it was only a waste of time and that, on top of all, homework is really damaging. “Actually”, I said, “you should read my book!”. And I proudly walked out of the classroom.

That´s when I woke up, crying of laughter. I think it´s one of the best dreams I´ve ever had!

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